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Experienced Representation In Tax Valuation For Homeowners

Taxes are an unavoidable part of life for most homeowners, but they aren’t often devastating. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly more common for tax assessors to overvalue homes, leading to a devastating tax hike. It is difficult to suddenly find out you can no longer afford the taxes on your home. However, with the right representation, your tax bill does not have to become overpowering.

My name is Frederic H. Everly, and I’m very familiar with the property tax assessment process. I have plenty of experience helping residents navigate these complex municipal tax processes. With my insight into what’s ahead, I can help you pursue a more manageable tax burden.

The Consequences Of Overvaluation

Every municipality and county in Illinois reassesses its properties’ tax value. It doesn’t happen every year, but it does happen regularly. However, overestimating a property’s worth can lead to massive tax hikes that can prove devastating for homeowners.

An overvaluation can occur for many reasons, such as:

  • New developments in an area
  • Rising real estate markets
  • Errors on the part of the assessors

However, you can protest the amount of your assessment. The process isn’t easy, but you are not helpless in the face of coming tax burdens.

Free Consultation With An Experienced Property Tax Attorney

Understanding your tax burden and minimizing it is one of the first steps to building lasting equity in your home. While many people understand that their home is essential, they do not realize how quickly an unmanaged tax burden can devastate their prospects.

Contact my firm, Frederic H. Everly, P.C., by calling 312-283-8400 or using this contact form. I can review your assessment and work with you to build a case and pursue a more sensible result.