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I Provide The Legal Attention You Deserve After An Accident

The first time you deal with an insurance company after an accident you’ll find they are not always by your side. Insurance companies use any excuse to deny a person the compensation they deserve. When you’re struggling with denials to the treatment you need to recover, it can feel like you are all on your own. But you’re not.

At my firm, Frederic H. Everly, P.C., I work with people across Chicago pursuing compensation after an accident. I am intimately familiar with the Illinois law, and I’m willing to go to court to get the results you deserve. When insurance companies treat your injuries like a simple matter of numbers, I do what I can to remind them of one important fact:

You Are More Than A Claim

Most people suffering from injuries simply hope that their insurance will cover them, but when it comes time to pay your bills, all you get are questions about your fault in the accident. Questions like these cast doubt on the injuries you suffer and often make you feel like you do not deserve compensation.

The insurance company will not treat you the way you deserve unless you get help. You need understanding, guidance and an advocate in the insurance process. I have successfully represented people in such issues as:

When you come to me, I take on all the negotiations with the insurance company, answer their questions and pursue the outcomes you deserve.

Skilled. Smart. Strong.

Reach out to my firm to get a free consultation. I do not take a fee unless I am successful in your case. I prepare each case like it will go to court and go as far as necessary to hold the insurance company to its word. Call 312-283-8400 or send me an email using this form.