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A Close Look At Frederic H. Everly, P.C.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to go looking for a lawyer. Mostly, people think that they can handle any problem on their own. That opinion changes quickly when you find yourself trying to recover from an accident or facing an erroneous tax assessment. That’s when you need skilled, knowledgeable legal help.

My name is Frederic H. Everly, and I’m an attorney for people across Chicago facing challenging civil law matters. I provide skilled, smart services to my clients. I listen to their problems. I understand their struggles. I pursue the results they need to move forward. Learn more about my background qualifications by reading my bio below:

Chicago-Born Lawyer Working For The Community

I grew up in Hyde Park as part of a family of lawyers. I saw the good that a smart, thoughtful attorney could do and wanted to make that kind of difference. Working for large law firms, I helped people navigate complicated tax matters, acquiring extensive experience in and out of the courtroom.

It has always been my goal to be there for my clients when they need it the most. It’s hard to find an attorney to turn to; it’s hard to put your trust in someone. I pledge to provide my skills, experience and service to people who need help.

Always There Through Personal Injury Problems

Since opening the doors of my practice, most of the cases I’ve taken on have been personal injury cases. I work with everyday people facing the struggles of recovering from painful injuries. I pursue the compensation my clients deserve for the injuries they suffer, no matter the obstacle.

Get A Free Consultation From A Local Attorney

I work hard for people with personal injury claims and homeowners with taxation matters. I have experience and insight and I’m not afraid to go to court when necessary. Reach out to me today by calling 312-283-8400 or sending an email using this contact form.