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Dedicated Representation For Motor Vehicle Accidents

In personal injury, the most common and devastating injuries people receive come from car accidents. At the same time, people recovering from a car accident have a lot on their minds and not much time to handle insurance obstacles. You need thoughtful, dedicated representation that can fight to get the results you deserve.

That’s what I do. I am Frederic H. Everly, and at my firm, Frederic H. Everly, P.C., I help people across Chicago recovering from motor vehicle accident (MVA) injuries. While every injury is different and every person’s circumstances are unique, I provide a high standard of attentive, personalized legal services.

There Are Many Kinds Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

While most MVAs involve a car, your accident may involve many more complicating factors more than you may realize. These complications can include:

  • Truck accidents: Commercial trucks are large, heavy and hard to control and lead to more devastating injuries. They’re also protected by strong legal teams, who fight every claim against them.
  • Motorcycle crashes: Motorcycle riders are far more vulnerable than others on the road, but liability and fault in these crashes have complications.
  • Distracted driver accidents: Almost everyone experiences some distractions while driving, but that isn’t an excuse.
  • Rideshare crashes: Rideshares, like Lyft and Uber, offer a convenient service, but these drivers are often involved in major crashes for various reasons, from overwork to inattentiveness.

I’m here to take the difficulty and pressures you face off your plate so you can focus on your work and your family while I fight for the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

How Can I Help You?

I handle civil matters of all types, but many of the cases I work on are motor vehicle crashes. I understand the process. I can provide a thoughtful, personalized plan to pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact me to talk about your case by calling 312-283-8400 or using this online form.